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New 4 Hp 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Fishing Boat Engine Air Cooling Cdi System

Type 4 Stroke 4 Horsepower Capacity 52cc Transmission Ratio 2.08 (2713) The Number Of Cylinders 1 Maximum Speed 45005500rpm Maximum Power 2.8 Kw 4 Hp Shift Position Clutch Control Package Volume 95x40x30 Cm Ignition System Cdi Cooling System Air Cooling Starting Method Manual Start Refueling No. 93 Gasoline Propeller Size 7 14x7-a The Maximum Fuel Consumption 1.4 Liters Hour Recommended Lubricant4 Stroke Lubricating Oil Mixing Ratiopure Gasoline Trim And Tilt Systemmanual Tilt Start-in-gear Protectionclutch Feature Prohibits Prop Rotation While Idling Convenience Features 360 Degree Steering Rotation For Reverse Without Gear Shifting Cooling System Air Cooling Easy Pull Off Engine Cover With Push Button Latch For Instant Motor Access.

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